University courses

Our university courses: targeted, performance-oriented and promising. 

These courses provide you with a speedy entry into your chosen field as well as excellent career opportunities. The university courses are practical and allow students to study effectively as well as targeting individual needs.

We offer two types of university programmes: 

Dual study/ work programmes in civil engineering 

The dual study/ work programme in civil engineering combines practical training on the job with theoretical studies at a university. As a rule, participants in these programmes obtain a vocational qualification (IHK certificate) and a bachelor’s degree in 4 to 4.5 years. Further information (German only):

Part time university studies in construction site management 

Employees who already have vocational qualifications in the construction industry have the option of participating in university courses in construction site management specialising in construction supervision while working. This is also possible without a vocational secondary certificate. Students in this course can graduate with a bachelor’s degree in 3 to 4 years. Further information (German only):